Who is Giorgio Armani?

Even if fashion is now a very unstable sector because of many innovations going on, Giorgio Armani always represents a certainty more than anyone else.

Armani sent a clear message last Friday, during the fashion week in Milan. The most be-loved stylist in Italy has focused on red color, during his new collection Autumn Winter 2019/20.  He has explained “ it’s a simple  message, every woman can wear it at any age” – however – “ the limit is good taste that is not overdoing….. good taste is to know when to abdicate”. Giorgio Armani keeps on teaching elegance from over forty years.

Who is Giorgio Armani? Behind him, a unique history that turned the stylist into the icon of the ‘made in Italy’ in the world.

Silos Armani is located in 40 Bergognone Street in Milan.  It’s a museum dedicated to Giorgio Armani’s fashion designs of the last 40 years. There is a unique selection displaying around 600 of his works. A total of 4500 square meters spread out over 4 floors. The exhibition starts on the ground floor with the section named ‘Daywera’: several photos show the history  between Armani and Hollywood stars.. you will recognize Richard Gere’s suit in American Gigolò.

On the first floor, A section ‘Exoticisms’ is based on Giorgio Armani’s trips. The second floor is ‘Cromatismis’ and the last section is called ‘Light’, where glittering heads light the great room up.

Here, you can also admire the photographic exhibition of Charles Fréger, ‘Fabula’.

So if you are in the city, you cannot but go to the most fashionable museum in Milan!

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