After 500 years from the death of Leonardo da Vinci there is still a mystery! Maybe the Great Genius Leonardo has still anything to reveal?

Be cute and use your intellect to reveal it.

There is an Escape Room in Milan into the suggestive environment of the Castello Sforzesco where you can go and solve puzzles, riddles and have 60 minutes to find a way to unlock the room and escape before the time runs out.

The next appointment is June 30 with reservation.

This is the first escape room at the Castello Sforzesco, an interactive entertainment and cultural experience where you can approach the greatest Genius of Renaissance in an alternative way.


Are you ready for the challenge?

Go and use your intuition, problem solving, curiosity!


Age: 16+

Price:  26 € per person
Time: 2 hours
Start Point:  Info Point Castle Guided Tour,

Next appointments:
Sunday June 30 – H 11, 14, 16
Sunday September 15 – H 11, 14, 16

Reservation: info@operadartemilano.it

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