Elliot Erwitt. Family

Until 20 March 2020, MUDECthe Museum of Culture of Milan – will host the photography exhibition “Elliot Erwitt. Family” by Elliot Erwitt. The exhibition consists of 60 black and white shots that explore the various facets of the ineffable, all-encompassing concept of “family.

MUDEC has chosen 40 families who recounted, by means of photographs, the concept and sense of family. These families are parents with children, pets and friends, mom and dad with a baby on the way, groups of friends, classmates since 1958, rainbow families, extended families… The 60 pictures selected for MUDEC Photo by Erwitt himself alternate ironic images with daily life scenes, nude weddings, large or very unique families, metaphors and “open” endings.

Elliot Erwitt, one of the most important photographers ever lived, has created a real “family album”. Erwitt, with the help of Biba Giacchetti, the curator of exhibition, has personally selected the pictures that reflect a personal and public, a historical and contemporary, a serious and ironic “family album”.

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More information: https://www.mudec.it/eng/elliott-erwitt-family/

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