Hotel Milano Scala is part of the prestigious National Geographic Traveller “Earth Collection”

Hotel Milano Scala is the only green hotel in Italy according to the “National Geographic Traveller” magazine.

In the field of tourism the attention to environment is growing. Nowadays, travelers inform themselves on the impact that a tourist facility has on the environment and they choose the one greener.

Environmental sustainability is the focus where the project of the Hotel Milano Scala was founded. From the opening the hotel adopts green policies, especially:

It is the first zero-emission hotel in the city in fact all the energy consumed by the structure is manufactured without releasing gases to the environment. Moreover, since 2019 indoor pollution is reduced more than 80% thanks to a new filtration system capable to make excellent the quality of air inside the hotel.

For these reasons Hotel Milano Scala has been chosen by UK National Geographic Traveller to be part of its special edition called “Earth Collection”. Earth Collection is a guide that collects the 36 most careful tourist facilities to the environment in the world and Hotel Milano Scala is one of these extraordinary structures.

Recently, inside the Hotel Milano Scala was established DO7 Eco Club House, an exclusive and green-oriented club where is possible to create business synergies. It is a concept that combines business and pleasure in the same space.

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