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L’Angolo di Casa Closed nowOpens at 12:30:PM today

L'Angolo di Casa


L'Angolo di casa is a modern friendly, surrounded by a musical soundtrack sought, created for those

Location: Viale Piave, 17, Milano, MI, ItaliaWebsite: www.angolodicasa.itPhone: +39 02 7601 6221
Platina Closed nowOpens at 12:15:PM today



Platina is both a restaurant and a bakery. It specializes in homemade pasta that is topped with the

Location: Via Lecco, 18, Milano, MI, ItaliaWebsite: +39 02 2952 2711
La Bottega del Gusto Closed nowOpens at 12:00:PM today

La Bottega del Gusto


La Bottega del Gusto is a modern trattoria, located in the gay district. Ina young and colorful

Location: Via Lecco, 4, Milano, MI, ItaliaWebsite: +39 02 2953 1387
Afterline Closed nowOpens at 09:30:PM today



Afterline is the historic gay club located in Via Sammartini. It was one of the first hangouts for

Location: Via Giovanni Battista Sammartini, 25, Milano MI, ItaliaWebsite: +39 339 3876398
Ristorante 4cento
Closed nowOpens at 12:00:PM today

Ristorante 4cento


4cento is an amazing restaurant that is able to offer different solutions. It offers high-quality

Location: Via Campazzino, 14, 20141 Milano, Milano, Italia
CooD – Cocktails and Beef Closed nowOpens at 06:30:PM today

CooD - Cocktails and Beef


CooD is a restaurant located in Via Lecco in Milan’s vibrant gay district. Established a few months

Location: Via Lecco, 1, Milano, MI, ItaliaWebsite: http://www.ristorantecood.comPhone: +39 02 8277 7025
SPECIAL Hamburger & Italian Fast Food Closed nowOpens at 12:00:PM today

SPECIAL Hamburger & Italian Fast Food


It is located in Via Lecco, in the gay district. The restaurant is specialized in hamburgers and it

Location: Via Lecco, 4, Milano, MI, ItaliaWebsite: +39 02 2953 7233
Ghe Pensi MI Closed nowOpens at 05:00:PM today

Ghe Pensi MI


Ghe Pensi MI is a brewery located in the Nolo (North of Loreto) district. It is a meeting point for

Location: Piazza Morbegno, 2, 20125 Milano, Milano, ItaliaWebsite: http://www.ghepensi-mi.itPhone: +39 351 974 4469
Little Italy Closed nowOpens at 12:00:PM today

Little Italy


Little Italy is a pizzeria specialized in pizza sticks. The restaurant proposes two formats of

Location: Via Alessandro Tadino, 41, 20124 Milano Milano, ItaliaWebsite: http://littleitaly-milano.comPhone: +39 02 2952 2734
Milleluci Closed nowOpens at 12:00:PM today



Milleluci is a gay friendly bar and restaurant. Characterized by an informal aspect, in Milleluci is

Location: Via Rosolino Pilo, 7, 20129 Milano, ItaliaWebsite: +39 02 2941 1250