The art of aperitif in Milan

You can visit Milan or other Italian cities without adopting local habits and customs during your stay, but I don’t recommend it. One of my favorite tradition is the Aperitif ( “Aperitivo” in Italian) and here in Milan is a real Phenomenon!

Since ancient times the aperitif represents a meeting point, a chance to socialize with something tasty. It’s a drink / light meal that takes place at the end of the working day as a kind of warming up for dinner.

The term comes from the Latin word for “opener”, signifying that it was to open a meal as something that literally “opens your stomach”…. This is the idea behind the Italian aperitif, a good way to kick start metabolisms and work up an appetite for dinner.



So many peoples, young and old meet in the clubs of Milan before the dinner (generally between 7 pm and 9 pm), drink some alcoholic beverages and eat pizza, sandwiches and other more elaborate appetizers. Typically, someone will take your drink order, after you order is free to fill up at the buffet. You’ll be expected to pay as soon as they bring out the drinks and the prices generally are around € 8 to € 10, no matter what you drink.

What to order? Very common is to order Spritz: sparkling wine, soda, and Campari or Aperol. I advice also to opt for the classic Martini Rosso or Martini Bianco or the typical Italian cocktail Negroni.

Where? Of course around Porta Venezia, the gay district of Milan.

If you don’t take part of aperitif in Milan you are missing one of cultural expression of the city!


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