The Best seafood restaurant in the rainbow district of Milan

Did you know that in Milan, you can enjoy the freshest fish in Italy? This is not urban legends! In Milan, the raw materials are always very fresh because the city is one of the most important centres in the Italian fish market.

Where is the best restaurants to eat seafood in Porta Venezia neighborhood?

Located in the gay Milanese district (Porta Venezia) there is one of the best seafood restaurant of the city, “ La Risacca Blu”. Exactly the restaurant is situated in Viale Tunisia (corner of Via Tadino, 13).

La Risacca Blu is open from June 2000 but remembers a sailing ship from the early ‘900. It is famous for the unquestionable quality of the fish, for the elegance and warmth of an environment that makes the customer feel as if he were at home and  the excellent raw materials guarantee the success of the restaurant. The Chef Carmelo creates delicate dishes, combining extraordinary ingredients and colors to be enjoyed with the view before the palate.

The most difficult thing about eating in Italy is that you can’t try everything. Every day you have an infinite number of meals, that you “absolutely need to try”. If you’re ready to discover new flavors, be inspired by the menu, and you will not leave disappointed!


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