The Brera Art Gallery reopens to the public after lockdown

The Brera Art Gallery is the main museum of Milan and one of the most important in the world. Founded by Napoleone Bonaparte in 1809, today it contains one of the most famous collection of Italian art, especially Venetian and Lombard painting.

Among the masterpieces of Brera Art Gallery, you can admire the Lamentation over the Dead Christ by Andrea Mantegna, The kiss by Hayez, the Saint Jerome by Tiziano and The Wedding of Virgo of Raffaello

After 3 months of forced closure due to the COVID-19 emergency, yesterday the Brera Art Gallery re-opened to the public. The reopening provides for a new path, new opening hours, the free entry and the respect of a strict protocol.

For example, the visitors must always wear the mask and must maintain a minimum distance of 1 m with each other. In the same way, the staff of the museum will take care to measure body temperature to all the people who want to enter the Gallery and to clean and sanitize all the spaces of the museum.

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