The most popular gay bars in Milan

Milan, the city where fashion and trends are born and without any doubt is the most gay friendly city of Italy, where the best gay clubs flourished. Milan  has a real “gay area” like Chelsea in New York in Barcelona or Chueca in Madrid: Porta Venezia, the perfect place to spend hours walking down the streets, relaxing in the park and drinking a super cool aperitif.

Via Lecco is the heart of the gay district in Milan. During Pride Week the entire street becomes the Pride Square of the city but overall here you can find the best  gay clubs to enjoy a night out in Milan during the entire year!

Indeed the most popular gay bars in Milan are in Lecco Street: Leccomilano, Mono and Red Cafè.

  • Leccomilano – 5 Lecco Street, Tuesday-Sunday H. 18:00 – 02:00

Small bars for gays, lesbians and friends. One of the most international and open-minded bar in Milan. Red brick walls, neon lights, high quality cocktails, healthy food, good music every night with selected djs, a friendly place very cool!

  • Mono – 6 Lecco Street, H. 18:00/18:30 – 01:00/02:00

Mono is also a gay cocktail bar with an international atmosphere. LGBT-friendly location in retro/ vintage style. The staff is very friendly and they make good cocktails…this bar is one of the coolest one.


  • Red Cafè – Corner Via Lecco/Via Panfilo Castaldi, H.08:00 – 02:00/03:00

Small urban gay bar with low prices…. It’s one of the most popular bar… you will find always fun!

Have fun in the city!


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