What is May 17?

Around the world, people are under attack for whom they love, how they dress, and ultimately for who they are. Everyone is born free and equal in dignity and rights. However, discriminatory laws, and practices against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, (LGBT) people are still in too many countries of the world.

Also in the countries that legally accepted, the range of unequal treatment faced is extensive and damaging. LGBT people are harassed in the streets, beaten up and sometimes killed.

17th May is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHO) created in 2004 to draw the attention and to raise awareness of the human rights of LGBT people. The date of May 17th was chosen to commemorate the World Health Organization’s decision in 1990 to declassify homosexuality as a mental disorder and it’s also a way to draw the attention of decision makers, the media, the public, corporations, opinion leaders, local authorities.

Events happening in Milan for the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia 2019 :

Flash Mob organized by RE.A.DY (Piazza Scala H 12:00)

Concert of “Associazione cromatica” National Association Rainbow Choir (Villa Litta H 20:00)

Venus Projection Best Feature Movie 32° Festival MIX Milano

“ La sirenetta” of “Compagnia Eco di Fondo” ( PiME Theater H 21:00)

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