Why you should visit Milan

Milan is a city for all, is trendy, innovative and cosmopolitan and the history plays its role too … hidden corners make it one great city to explore.

Many are the possibilities for leisure, that range from bars where you can taste the famous ‘aperitivo milanese’ to taste the  traditional cousine.

1) Milan gay friendly:

Milan is one of the cities that displays the widest variety of LGBT friendly clubs in Italy in any area of the City, above all nearby Porta Venezia District. As expected from a city as elegant and stylish as Milano, the bars follow that attitude as well. In Milan lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, intersexes and queers will have no problem at finding cool places for spending their time

Photo Roberto Chiovitti

2) Leonardo Da Vinci one year of events in the city:

2019 marks the 500th anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci’s death. The genius moved from Florence to  Milan in 1480, where he lived for 19 years and his presence left an indelible mark in the history of the City: here, one of the most famous Renaissance paintings in the world, ‘The Last Supper’ is conserved . Milan celebrates 500 years since his death many events scheduled at the Castello Sforzesco.

Moreover, if you want discover the hidden history of Leonardo da Vinci and his love for Salaj, Quiiky Tour Operator organizes a daily tour with a gay guide.

3) City Centre:

Milan Cathedral is a monumental building located in the centre of Milan and is famous for its Gothic architecture. The façade is crowned with countless towers, statues and decoration. You can climb to the rooftop for a magnificent view of the city. If you walk close to the cathedral you can visit the Grand Gallery and arrive to Scala Theater, that hosts always many great artists. Located in close proximity to the Piazza del Duomo, the Castello Sforzesco and the Pinacoteca of Brera is easily accessible. But there are several other places to visit like Naviglio and Brera Districts

4) Traditional cuisine:

Milan offers incredible culinary delights. It has a traditional cuisine that will satisfy any palate. In the traditional menu you will find the most iconic dish: “Risotto alla Milanese” with his special ingredient: saffron. Also you‘ ll taste the “cotoletta, meat veal cooked with pan-fried in butter. Dessert? No matter what time of the day is, it’s always time for ice cream.

5) Shopping:

If you love clothes, shopping here is an amazing experience… because you are in the fashion capital of Europe! The city has options for any price and large stores usually are open every day. It’s the city of the biggest names, such as Valentino, Versace, Prada but there are also emerging fashion talents, with amazing new brands!

6) Base to explore northern Italy:

Last but not least, Milan is the base for exploring the rest of northern Italy, Turin, Venice, Lake Garda, Como and much more.


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